Why is my product out of stock?
The biggest pro of printing on-demand is being able to offer dozens of unique models and color options for your products. However, having all of these options also means possibly encountering a situation when your product is out of stock.

It’s common practice in the drop shipping industry to not maintain stock of all product variants. Restocking takes just a few days and this process is calculated in our fulfillment time. But there can be situations when your product is out of stock for a longer period of time. Usually, it’s because the manufacturer has low quantities of the product, they’re located further from us, or it has suddenly been discontinued.

In such cases there are a few things we can do if your product is out of stock.

1. We’ll get in touch with you and find out if you’re are willing to wait a few extra days.
2. In case of urgency, we’ll ask you would you consider switching to a similar model.
3. In extreme cases, we’ll suggest another solution for your particular situation.

In most out of stock cases, the situation can be resolved by waiting an extra day or switching to a similar color/model, etc. Make sure you’re following your store product updates closely – we notify you as soon as possible if an item/variant is discontinued.

Do you have a physical store?
No, we’re an online-only store. We do not offer a local pickup option, all of our items are shipped from our fulfillment centers located in California, and North Carolina.
Do you collect Sales Tax?
Yes, we currently collect Sales Tax for orders originating in Arizona, California, and North Carolina.  With recent changes in the law this is subject to change in the near future based on volume of sales in any given U. S. State or Territory.
How long does it take for my order to be processed?
From the time your order is placed and the date when you receive it, there are two processes to consider.

Fulfillment: Standard fulfillment time is 2-9 business days. Once your order has been fulfilled and left our building you will receive a notification with shipping information if applicable. Depending on the circumstances and inventory levels, it may take longer than usual. Don’t fret, though!

Shipping: You have several shipping options to choose from – they can range from within 1-8 business days (1-20 for international orders) depending on the courier and level of service you select.

If I choose the FedEx shipping rate in checkout, do you also print that order faster?
Yes, we do! All orders to be shipped with a FedEx priority level of service are automatically bumped to the top of our fulfillment queue to assure the best possible fulfillment time. This can often cut the fulfillment time in half for orders with an expedited shipping rate!
What tracking options are there?
All orders delivered within the United States by USPS have full tracking available! For international orders, full tracking will only be available when sent via International Priority – which costs a bit more.
What if I entered the wrong address?
Since carriers calculate live shipping rates mainly by the zip code entered it is possible that an incorrectly formatted address could be entered, and the package is still able to ship from our facility.

In some scenarios, the local post is still able to make the delivery depending on the error that was made in entering the recipient address.

If they are unable to deliver the package it will be returned to our HQ and you will be notified once it is received back. Within 30 days you will need to confirm the updated and correct address as well as confirm the charges for reshipping the package.

What if the order is lost in the mail?
For packages lost in transit, all claims must be submitted no later than 10 calendar days after the estimated delivery date. But no worries! We’ll cover the costs of reprinting and shipping a replacement order for you.

We may ask for your help before doing that, like confirming that the shipping address was correct. It would also be good to know that you got in touch with your local post office to try locating the lost order.

Keep in mind that if tracking information states an order was delivered but you think it wasn’t received, we won’t take responsibility and reship that order. In that case, any replacements would have to be at your expense.

You can check out our return policy for up-to-date details about reshipments.

What happens if a package isn’t delivered to you, but the tracking states that it was?
Statedwear will cover a variety of courier errors such as lost or damaged in transit, postage due errors or generally misrouted packages when tracking provides no clear details or cause.

In the rare cases that a parcel is marked as delivered by the courier, but the recipient reports they have yet to receive it – Statedwear would not cover the cost of reshipping the order. Again, this only applies if the tracking details state that a delivery was made to the recipients address.

In most instances, it is found that the delivery was made, but left in an unexpected location at a recipient’s address. Recipients should reach out to the courier and inquire if any additional details were left by the delivery person – e.g. “left under table on back porch.”

If you’re unable to locate the package you will need to place a new manual order to have it reshipped. If you’d like to file a claim with the courier for reimbursement, Statedwear customer service can assist you in this process – however, be mindful that claims through USPS or FedEx can often take several weeks before being resolved or refunded.

Does Statedwear ship internationally?
Statedwear offers international shipping across the world! Keep in mind that we don’t currently  ship orders to the European Union, Cuba, Iran, and North Korea. We ship internationally to all other countries!
Are there any Customs Fees for international shipping?
Shipments outside of the USA may incur customs fees, depending on destination country. The fee may vary depending on your order value, country limits, and other factors. You are responsible for these fees.
How do I report a problem with my order?
You can report problems with an order through your Statedwear “My Account” dashboard. Be aware that Statedwear may require a photo to be submitted with your problem report to begin a reshipment. It is always best to include photos with your initial problem report to avoid delays.